I greatly enjoy teaching content that is directly related to my research. At INCAE, I have the honor of teaching in 2 main areas. First, I contribute with topics in the fields of digital transformation and management information systems. These are topics I am very passionate about. Second, I teach quantitative methods courses, with topics including statistics, regressions and simulation. These are the same tools I use for my research and which I enjoy sharing with students.

MBA and Executive MBA Level Courses

Digital Transformation

The appropriate use of IT in firms is not only a requirement, but also a potential factor that drives competitive advantages. However, in order to reach high levels of innovation and efficiency in the use of IT, it is necessary to understand how some of its technical attributes intertwine with firm’s overall strategy. This course prepares students to become the vital link between the firm’s strategy and the underlying IT architecture. We talk about IT strategy, ERP implementation, IT infrastructure, application architecture and development, security and business continuity, cloud computing, business intelligence, and other trending topics.

The Digital Transformation courses are complemented with videos I’ve created and that are available in the INCAE Digital Transformation channel on YouTube. Also, in one of the courses students develop practical labs such as deploying an e-commerce website from their laptops, deploy applications on cloud infrastructure services, and even train IBM Watson for some business use case. I was invited to talk about these labs to peer faculty from top school at the 2017 IT Teaching Workshop.

Quantitative Methods

This course aims to provide students with the quantitative tools to satisfy the needs and demands of an MBA program as well as to perform data analyses at their future jobs. We  first learn the fundamentals of probability and statistics (e.g., modeling and understanding uncertainty), and then gradually start employing software tools to perform increasingly sophisticated statistical analyses of data (e.g., linear regressions with multiple explanatory variables). The examples we discuss to illustrate statistical techniques will come from other areas of study in the program: finance, economics, marketing, operations and IT.

If you’d like to watch some videos and tutorials about this course, feel free to browse the Quantitative Methods playlist on INCAE’s DataMining YouTube Channel.


This course, or workshop, is an introduction to Monte Carlo simulation and its use in models for management and planning. Through the course students will learn how to construct models taking into account the presence and impact of uncertainty, along with risks of taking decisions based on averages. Students also learn how to use a simulation package (@Risk).

Financial Math

As students start their MBAs, this introductory course is all about the time value of money.

Case Studies

  1. Fernández, Carlos and German Retana (2016) “Mossack Fonseca: Panama Papers”
  2. Retana, German and Carlos Fernández, “Grupo ReRe.” Teaching case study series currently only in Spanish: “(A) Replacing a Legacy System at a SMB” and “(B) Digitized Platform in a SMB.”
  3. Grigoriou, Konstantinos, German Retana and Frank Rothaermel, “IBM and the Emerging Cloud Computing Industry,” teaching case study in Rothaermel (2012) Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.